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The New Age Of Energy

Posted by Brian Chapman on Jun 30, 2017 12:03:45 PM

Inside of the Kohilo world has been very exciting over the last few years.   We have not done a great job or even a good job of getting the excitement we see here out to you on a weekly basis.   This blog is going to start sharing some of the excitement we are living.  

Another way of sharing this excitement and updates from Kohilo is through our website.   The website needs an update and is currently being redesigned and rebuilt.   This is coming in two stages.   The first stage is for the website to communicate in a more clean and crisp way so you can get to know who we are, what we want to do, and what products we offer.   The second stage which should be rolled out in the fall is a customer oriented website which informs and educates potential customers and green energy enthusiast.  

It's not about selling a product but empowering the consumer, not just our consumer, but all energy consumers.   One aspect of the website and our future blogs is to share our current offering, developments, and upcoming products.   

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Green Energy During Power Outages

Posted by Brian Chapman on Apr 28, 2017 7:46:27 AM

When people purchase solar or wind energy solutions they are usually sold a grid-tied system.  A system which can save on your electrical bill and also make you money by being able to sell your green electricity back into the grid.  This is great except for one key factor.   What happens when the grid goes down?

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