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Green Energy During Power Outages

Posted by Brian Chapman on Apr 28, 2017 7:46:27 AM

Green Energy During Power Outages

When people purchase solar or wind energy solutions they are usually sold a grid-tied system.  A system which can save on your electrical bill and also make you money by being able to sell your green electricity back into the grid.  This is great except for one key factor.   What happens when the grid goes down?

Too many people assume your green energy solution of solar or wind will offset the loss of electricity from the grid because it produces its own electricity and will be able to supply your house with electricity.  You need batteries to do this and a charge controller (for solar).  These two items go hand in hand with an off grid system and how companies make you think your saving money on your system is by not selling you these “off grid” pieces.  But without these two pieces you will be in the dark when the power goes out from the grid.   Most people want to save money by going green and have the independence to have electricity when the power from the grid goes down.   Be careful when you go green so you aren’t in the dark.

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